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SLMgo delivers you maximum value for your old devices with a transparent, trackable, and secure buyback process.

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After you create your free SLMgo account, tell us about your devices and your goals. Our experts will help you get the maximum ROI and formulate the best buyback experience for your organization.

Let us take care of logistics

Whether you have one location or 10,000; onsite employees or remote; one refresh or as needed over time - we’ll handle all your devices with our:

  • Protective packaging, instructions, pre-paid shipping labels, and tape
  • On-site packing and pickup by our experienced, in-house pickup team

Tracking and Audit

Upon safe transport to our secure facility tracked through your SLMgo dashboard, your data is properly erased with industry standard tools. Then your device is cleaned, tested and assigned a grade based on its condition. Here's what you'll receive for each device:

  • Serialized audit report
  • Certificate of data destruction
  • Photos of damages

Cash out or reinvest

Once your devices are processed, their second life value is yours! You can choose to cash out or reinvest your funds towards the latest tech. Either way, the team behind SLMgo will be with you every step of the way to make sure your recovered value works for you!

We’re changing the way you refresh your devices

Transparency is important to us. You should be comfortable with who you are sending your assets to.

Real-time. Our dashboard features real-time device tracking. Follow your device through each stage of its trade-in journey - from receiving packaging to payment.

Honest pricing. After signing up, you can search all your devices through our current market value pricebook - so you know exactly what you’ll be paid when you refresh your fleet.

Hassle-free. We’re here every step of the way along your buyback journey. Have questions on your quote? Want customized white-labeling? Need support with packaging? We’ll handle it.

24/7 Consultation. We want you to have the best buyback experience - that’s why we aren't here to just take your devices - we’re here to guide and consult you on the exact device refresh to best suit your needs, and there’s no extra cost for our customer support.

Certified peace of mind

We believe the device buyback experience should be visible, secure, and with guaranteed data erasure.

Industry certified. We partner with industry leaders in data erasure to ensure your devices are security wiped to the highest industry standards (ISO and NIST certified). We provide free Certificates of Data Destruction.

3.86 million. The average cost of a data breach in 2020 is $3.86 million, according to a new report from IBM and the Ponemon Institute. With SLMgo, you’re ensuring sensitive company data is wiped from all your corporate devices. Giving you certified peace of mind on data breaches.

Data privacy. With SLMgo, data-privacy and environmental compliance is not just a talking point - it’s our standard. We provide a certificate of data destruction for all devices, and if that’s not possible, we properly recycle that device. Devices don’t leave our process with your sensitive company data still on them.

Professionalism. Our data destruction process is compliant with government, HIPAA, and fortune 100 company standards.

Eco-friendly. We keep your carbon footprint in mind. End of life doesn’t mean end in a landfill. With SLMgo you're ensuring your unresponsive devices are recycled in an environmentally compliant process.

The best in buyback

SLMgo is a product of Second Life Mac - the most transparent and proactive device buyback company in the industry. Our mission is to help organizations use the most up-to-date technology in the most cost-effective way possible. Meet the people behind SLMgo and Second Life Mac.

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SLMgo helps organizations of all sizes take the guess work out of their device buyback program.

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